Как настроить камеру lenovo vibe shot

Как настроить камеру lenovo vibe shot

29/12/ · Unboxing the Lenovo Vibe Shot. The Vibe Shot comes in a compact, well-designed box. The attractive package doesn't offer all that much - a small A. 29/12/ · Like other Lenovo phones, the Vibe Shot comes with a heavily customized version of Android called Vibe OS. This one is based on Android Lollipop (the. Information about the SAR values of Lenovo Vibe Shot. SAR values for head and body according to the standard in the EU and USA. This device is also known as Lenovo. 10/11/ · Lenovo Vibe Shot, the latest device from the Chinese multinational company, was announced earlier this year in the month of March, got released later in saivnan.чайнаясова.рф: Pavan Kumar B.C. 19/09/ · Hi, guys. I am new to Lenovo, my first phone with Lenovo is Vibe Shot Z90a I try to find a forum for it but most of them from China, this is the.

Lenovo Vibe Shot , the latest device from the Chinese multinational company, was announced earlier this year in the month of March, got released later in June. Let us check the tips and tricks of this device, just in case if you are planning to buy this camera-centric device.

Since the back panel of the device is sealed, the SIM is to be inserted into the slot provided on the left. We need to insert the ejector pin in the slot provided, and a tray pops out, where you need to insert the SIM and push it back to its position. This screen shot can be viewed from the gallery directly. The device comes with the sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity and Ambient light sensor.

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These sensors can be seen in most of the smartphones. These sensors will be running automatically when required.

There is also an SD card provision on the phone to extend the memory up to GB.

This enables the users to save all the important data on the phone itself, without having to open the system each and every time. To turn on the battery saver on the device, head to the Settings area and tap on Power management option where, we can find the Battery Saver that can be switched off or on. This feature is very much useful to save the un-necessary battery consumption when you are travelling. Yes, the device comes with LED notification light.

Lenovo Vibe Shot Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options

To enable this feature, we need to go to the settings and tap on Sounds and notifications and then turn on the LED notification. Now we can see a blinking light whenever there is notification or alert. Yes, the device supports OGT drive. We have tried the 16 GB OTG drive and transferred the files easily from the drive to the phone or vice versa, via File Manager application.

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  • OGT drive is a must in all the devices as it saves lot of time. By this, the device can be automatically switched off and switched on from the time intervals.

    Как настроить камеру lenovo vibe shot

    With Magnification gesture, we can zoom an image by triple tapping on the screen. This feature can be activated by going into the settings and selecting Display.

    From the option display, we can activate the Magnification gesture. Since it is a camera-centric device, many might have expected it to record 4k videos. After running the following benchmarking tools, we got the respective scores. To check the updates of the device, go to settings and click on About phone option, where you can find the System updates, wherein you can check if there are any updates available.

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    Method 1: Swipe from bottom to top where you can find the option wallpapers. By tapping on the same option, we can change the wallpaper of the device easily. Method 2: From settings, go to display, where we can see the Wallpaper option. By clicking on it, the wallpapers of the device can be changed. To switch from auto to pro mode in Lenovo Vibe shot, there is a provision on the right of the device, just above the camera shutter button.

    From this toggle button, we can switch from Smart to Pro and vice versa. The SAR level must be less than or equal to 1. Smartphone users need faster browsing speeds to save time and LTE connectivity helps it. The device runs latest Android 5.

    Lenovo Z90A40 Vibe Shot Specifications

    Here we can find the last option as Factory data reset, which needs to be tapped to reset the device. By swiping from bottom to top, we can find few options along with screen manager. By selecting this option, we can manage the screen.

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    This makes the usage of the phone easier. Now you are ready to use the device with gloves also. Font size can be changed from the Display option that is available in the setting.

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    In the display, we have to tap on Font size, and it can be set accordingly for the users convenience. To mirror Notifications, Go to settings and tap on the option Accessibility. From here we can see the option AirDroid Notification Mirror service that can be turned on and off. Lenovo Vibe Shot gives you plenty of options to take a photo.

    Body SAR (EU), other Lenovo models

    To record a video on Lenovo Vibe shot, we need to turn on the video mode that is available only in auto mode. This auto mode should be turned on by the toggle button that is available above the dedicated camera button. The smart mode can be activated only when the auto mode is turned on.

    Как настроить камеру lenovo vibe shot

    This mode automatically detects the light and sets itself to the smart mode or low light mode. You have juggled with all the camera options for the device and not able to get back the initial settings of the device?

    Open the camera and touch the settings icon to see the Reset option. The model number of the device as mention in the phone is Lenovo Z90a This can be seen from the settings of the device and tap on the option About phone. Here, click device information and you can see the model number of the device.

    Lenovo Vibe Shot review: Shoot to thrill

    Lenovo has not given any official word on the Marshmallow update but we can expect the update very soon as the device supports the update considering its high end specifications. All the users will love to use the latest operating system and stay updated.

    If you have any queries about this device make sure you drop a comment, and we will be getting back to you. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. How to insert the SIM card on your device? What is the type of SIM supported on this device? How to take a screenshot? What are the sensors available on Lenovo Vibe Shot? What is the internal storage available on the device?

    How to turn on battery saver on the device? Are there any LED notifications lights on the device? Does the device support OGT drive?

    Head SAR (EU), other Lenovo models

    How to schedule power on and power off on Lenovo Vibe Shot? How to activate Magnification gesture on the device? Can the device capture 4K videos? What are the benchmarking scores of the device? How to check the Android updates? How to change the wallpaper on Lenovo Vibe Shot? How to switch from auto to pro mode?

    Does it support 4G LTE? What is the UI used on the device? How to reset Lenovo Vibe Shot? How to manage your screen? How to activate High Sensitivity Touch? How to change the font size on the device? How to cast screen on Lenovo Vibe Shot? How to Mirror Notifications? What are the photo options on the device? How to record a Video on Lenovo Vibe Shot?

    How to activate the smart mode in Lenovo Vibe Shot? How to reset all camera settings on Lenovo Vibe Shot? What is the Model number of Lenovo Vibe Shot? Will the device get Android Marshmallow? Comment what you think.