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    Спешите к нам - места ограничены. A romantic dinner is an ideal capper for a day geared around love and affection. People who were not able to get a table at their first choices may trickle into chain restaurants or smaller establishments in search of an easy meal. If you think your lesser-known haunt will not be packed, think again. Always play it safe by making a reservation early.

    Dining rooms may be more packed than usual, and you may not have a choice of where you will be seated. Be patient upon arriving at the restaurant, and consider wait time when factoring in childcare.

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    Price-fixed menus are commonplace on nights when there will be a large turnover of customers in a short amount of time. These menus allow restaurants to stock up on the necessary ingredients and cook en masse. Diners may find that price-fixed menus offer a limited selection, and their favorite dishes may not be available. But knowing this in advance can reduce feelings of disappointment.

    Rest assured there should be several options that appeal to different palates. The sheer volume of customers can test the skills of even the most veteran servers. Servers may be called on to snap photos of couples with cell phones or linger at certain tables. Use idle time at your table to engage in romantic conversation and plan the rest of the evening. Select a lower-priced restaurant if your budget is on the smaller side. Being respectful of your reservation will not only benefit you, but also it is a courtesy to fellow diners who will be sitting at your table later in the evening.

    While you may want to linger over dessert, try not to linger too long. If you take a doggie bag home from dinner, stash it in the refrigerator as soon as possible to prevent foodborne illnesses.

    If you will be going out dancing or to a movie after dinner, it may be best to skip the doggie bag altogether. Patience, courtesy and flexibility are traits that can keep your evening moving along smoothly. Young valentines may share candy hearts printed with silly sentiments. A symbolic heart bears no resemblance to an anatomical heart, and yet it is used to represent the deepest feelings of affection a person can share.

    In ancient times, people believed that the heart was the center of all human emotions. Since the heart is prominently located in the center of the chest and the middle of the body, it became the cornerstone of human feelings.

    Love is considered to be one of the most profound and strongest human emotions, therefore it was reasoned that the feeling must emanate from the heart. Surprisingly, the heart has not always been the only organ associated with love. During the Middle Ages, the heart was deemed a useless organ. Followers of the Greek physician Galen theorized that the liver actually was the seat of the soul and love. The first depictions of a symbolic heart date back to the 11th century, when the heart was drawn to resemble a pinecone held upside down with the point facing upward.

    The scalloped heart that is more familiar today first arose in the early 14th century. Around the same time, the heart was depicted with the point facing downward and the indentation at the base. Naturally, as time passed and more was learned about human anatomy, it became obvious that the brain was the seat of all emotion and thought processes. Although the human heart is not bright red like symbolic hearts, that was the color chosen. Red has long been associated with passion, so it made sense to depict the heart in a bright red hue.

    Many other theories have been offered regarding the symbolic heart and its representation of love. But for those who want to include youngsters in their fun, they can explore the many enjoyable and clever crafts and other activities available. Fill an empty glass jar with various items made into heart shapes.

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    These can include small pieces of pipe cleaner, paper clips, paper, and even aluminum foil hearts. Put the top on the jar and shake up the contents. Let children guess which items will be attracted to a magnet, then have them test their theory with a strong magnet rubbed on the outside of the jar.

    See which hearts are attracted to the magnet. Other learning games can include matching or finding the differences between pictures, counting paper hearts or making recipes of scented modeling dough.

    Dessert fun Invite youngsters into the kitchen to try their hands at different recipes, making sure that they have a chance to sample their handiwork afterward. Faux chocolate truffles made with chocolate sandwich cookies can be a tasty treat for little hands. Mix until everything is incorporated into a sticky batter. Truffles can be made into balls or heart shapes. Dip the truffles into melted chocolate or colored candy melts to coat.

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    Place on a wax papercovered cookie sheet and refrigerate for an hour, or until the truffles are firm. Crafts Children can have fun cutting out cupids, making coloring pages or doing just about any other Valentine-inspired craft, like making their own cards.

    Another craft idea is to write secret love notes with invisible ink. Lemon juice can be used as invisible ink. Have children write a message by dipping a cotton swab or their finger in lemon juice and then writing words on a white piece of paper. Once the papers have dried, an adult can reveal the message by placing the paper in front of a heat source, such as an iron or a light bulb. The message will magically appear and reveal those secret sentiments.

    Children can get crafty by making gifts for the special people in their lives.

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    Combine the concept of valentines with the ambiance of a candle. For an even safer alternative, opt for an LED-flame candle instead of traditional candles. Kids can glue foam conversation hearts, sold at many craft stores, to the outside of the candle.

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    Children can even prepare dinner as a token of appreciation to their parents. Plan recipes with kids in advance, but look for age-appropriate menu ideas, particularly those that will not require much use of the stovetop or other dangerous kitchen appliances. Kids can always do the prep work and then ask an adult to put the food into the oven for cooking.

    One easy idea is to create heart-shaped hamburger sliders and Valentine-colored mashed potatoes. Use red potatoes with the skin on to create the potato mash. The sliders can be shaped by hand or using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Lone Tree CO 6.

    Save paper and trees when purchasing cards by choosing those made of recycled materials.

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    Or make your own cards from materials found around the home. A handmade card may appear more heartfelt anyway. Purchase chocolates that were made under sustainable conditions and from companies that provide farmers and other workers with good working conditions.

    The Rainforest Alliance, for example, lists companies that are certified as environmentally responsible. Gold mining can be destructive and cause environmental blight. Aim to purchase from retailers that limit mining waste and environmental damage. Another idea is to recycle old gold jewelry into new items. Jewelry stores can melt down precious metals and turn them into entirely new and beautiful pieces.

    Chocolate historically more than just foodMany cannot resist chocolate, that beloved creamy, sweet confection derivedfromcocoabeans, milk and sugar. According to data from Leatherhead Food Research, Switzerland consumes more chocolate per capita than any country in the world. Ireland, the United Kingdom, Austria and Belgium round out the top five.

    Despite its apparent popularity in Europe, chocolate was first popularized among the Olmecs of Mexico, who used the cocoa beans more than 3, years ago.

    Aztecs believed cocoa had aphrodisiac properties, and chocolate contains a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is released naturally in the body when a person falls in love. The aroma of chocolate can induce relaxation, and chocolate also contains dopamine, a natural painkiller. While chocolate is now used primarily as a food, over the years it has had many other uses - some of which are quite unique.

    Here aresomeofthemanywayspeople have used chocolate throughout history.

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    In this instance, money actually did grow on trees. Chocolate-enhanced toothpaste may be the next big thing. Dark chocolate provides the greatest number of health benefits, as it contains flavonols, which stimulate the brain and support the circulatory system. Many spas now incorporate organic chocolate into their healing and beauty therapies. The stamps smelled and tasted like chocolate.

    Chocolate has been tempting taste buds for thousands of years. On the official day of all things love, many eagerly anticipate the chance to spend time with their sweethearts. Guests can take home individual boxes of chocolates or crystal candle votives, while buffet dessert tables can be embellished with vases filled with chocolate kisses or candied hearts.

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    Explore flower meanings for Valentine giving Come mid-February, florist delivery trucks can be seen making the rounds through neighborhoods all across the country.

    Flowers can be used to convey love, friendship, compassion, and desire.